The 25 Best Cars and Trucks to Buy for the Country Oct 2, 2017 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Living in the country is very different than living in the city, and where you live can affect everything from your lifestyle to the car that you drive. While you may want a fuel efficient vehicle in the city or something that’s fast and fun if you live in the suburbs, those in the country need to opt for a vehicle that is more practical. There's no room for an electric car or a Smart car in the country. Your chosen car must be reliable with tons of space for cargo, family, and friends. It needs to be able to handle dirt roads and the occasional obstacle with ease. If you live in a rural area, here are the best cars that you should consider buying. You will notice that most have four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive since this extra traction will go a long way in the country.

Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Sierra


The Chevrolet Colorado (and its mechanical twin, the GMC Sierra) is a midsize pickup that is ideal for driving along through the country. A midsize pickup offers utility, power, and cargo-hauling capacity perfect for life outside a major urban center. If you live in an area with rough roads or want to have a little fun, opt for the ZR2 model that was designed for off-roading. The ZR2 is new for the 2017 model year and adds locking differentials in the rear and front, a wider wheelbase, and an upgraded suspension along with driver-controlled traction control.

The beauty of the Colorado ZR2 is that you can get it with any of the Colorado’s normal engines or cabin sizes. This makes it a great choice for those in the country who need room for a large family or individuals who need extra room, whether you prefer gas or diesel powertrains. Of course, any Colorado would be great for the country—the ZR2 simply does even better off-road.

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