2017 Evoke Urban S Preview May 16, 2017 by Jet (Driver Weekly)

Motorcycles are jumping on the electric vehicle bandwagon for the American market. The Evoke Urban S motorcycle aims to compete with the Brammo and Zero electric bikes here in the U.S. The Urban S boasts a style comparable to a sport bike with its modern look. With a retail price of under $10,000, the Urban S is a smart choice for the beginner or anyone who is looking for an inexpensive ride with low cost of ownership. The attractive price will help the Urban S move into the domestic market that is still slow to accept the idea of electric motorcycles.



European bikes have heavily influenced the Evoke Urban S design. Taking in the front end, you’ll notice the inverted forks, the slimmed-down fender, and the mounted headlight. The fuel tank slopes downward to the rider’s seat, where the frame lifts just a bit before tapering off over the back wheel. The taillights are molded into the rear fender, while the turn lights stand alone on either side of the rear wheel. The handlebars and footrests are designed and positioned to make the rider lean forward. The distance from the seat to the ground is 31.2 inches, so this may not be the right bike for short riders. The wheelbase is 54.4 inches long, and Urban S falls into the midsized range, but it will sit companionably next to the smaller bikes in its category. The overall design of the engine area and body panels make it look similar to gas bikes, a feature that may draw in those prospective buyers who are still a little put off by the whole ebike idea. The overall weight of the bike is just under 400 pounds.

Power and Drivetrain


The Urban S is driven by a 17-inch high-output hub motor that is charged by a 99.2v, 90ah lithium-ion Evoke PowerPack battery. The bike winds out at 81 mph with 86 pound-feet of torque and 25 horsepower. A full charge requires about eight hours, but you can get an 80% charge in about three hours. A fully charged battery will take you 125 low-speed city miles but only around 75 highway miles. Drivers will have to accept that it’s intended for urban use. In that sense, the Urban S is efficient, cheap to maintain and “refuel,” and fun to ride: the rear wheel integrates with the hub motor, which produces instant torque at the touch of the throttle.



A 5-inch display screen shows all of your vital information and connects your smartphone wirelessly. This allows the phone to become your navigator, a handy thing on a vehicle that is not map-friendly. The HomeCharge kit makes it easy to recharge your bike at home overnight for use during the day. With no chain and few moving parts, Evoke promises that the Urban S is easy to maintain and own.

The only current drawback to the Urban S is that it isn’t yet available at your local dealership. However, you can put down a couple hundred bucks and reserve one for yourself.


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