Best Used ATV Models Apr 26, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

ATVs are built to withstand tough use, off-roading, and rough terrain. Because of this, many all-terrain vehicles tend to hold their resale value fairly well, particularly compared to other types of vehicles. That being said, some ATVs will face more depreciation than others will. It largely comes down to the model you choose to drive, although the brand and maintenance also plays a role.

Choosing the Brand

If you ask ATV owners who have driven multiple vehicles throughout the years which brand tends to retain their value over time, they are most likely to say Honda. ATV owners say this is mostly due to the reliability and recognition of Honda. Despite Honda’s great reputation, other brands can also be a great investment that will let you take advantage of their resale value. Most Japanese brands are considered widely desirable, and the main factor to consider is the quality of the vehicle.

Selecting the Model

When figuring out the resale value of an ATV, it will largely depend on the model in question. The higher-end models from any ATV manufacturer will tend to cost more, even used, since they were always more expensive and higher quality vehicle. Additionally, if you are looking for an ATV that you will be able to sell for a decent profit in the future, then choose one that has seen recent changes from an earlier model. If it is nearly identical to previous model years, potential buyers will simply go with the previous models to save some money, provided they are in the same condition.

Pay Attention to Condition

As with cars, motorcycles, and any other vehicle, the condition of an ATV is the most important factor in determining its resale value. A new ATV that is filthy and covered in scratches will have a much lower resale value than one that is five or ten years old and in near-perfect condition. The best way to minimize depreciation for your ATV is to keep it in good shape. Take care of regular maintenance and take the time to clean it thoroughly after every off-roading adventure.

Do Some Research

Because there are so many factors that affect the resale value of an ATV, you need to do your research before making a purchase. Both Kelley Blue Book and NADA Guides are great resources for ATV prices. They include information for a range of brands, models, and years. Both of these websites place the ATVs in the same category as motorcycles, so you should look there to find the relevant information. Simply select the model you are considering buying and compare its resale value to other similar models. Trends for resale value that have held true in the past will typically continue for newer versions, as well.


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