The Best ATVs for Youth May 6, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

If you want to get your children involved with all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), then you need to do so safely. Put some safety gear on your kids and bring them along on your ATV as a starting point. Once they feel comfortable riding an ATV, it is time to find a small ATV designed for children or youth for them to drive. When looking for the best youth ATV, you want one that maximizes safety, is designed to work well with smaller and lighter drivers, and it is easy to maneuver. Here are some of the best options to consider. They include both budget-friendly models from general manufacturers and the smaller options in lineups known for their ATV prowess.

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

Fisher Price / Wallmart

For children who are still very young beginners, this model is a good option. You can limit the speed to just 3 or 6 mph to help your children get used to being behind the wheel without any risks. This system also has tires designed to operate easily on wet grass, dirt, gravel, and mud. The weight limit is 65 pounds, making it best for very small children.

Razor Dirt Quad

Once your children get a bit more confident in their ability to ride an ATV, you can try the Razor Dirt Quad. This one is good for children at least six years old and under 120 pounds. Youths can easily vary the speed of this ATV, and it can handle basic bumpy roads and wet terrain.

Polaris Outlaw


The previous youth ATVs are designed for tame adventures and getting your children used to being in control. When they are ready for the real thing, start them off on a Polaris Outlaw. This ATV has top ratings for safety, value, comfort, performance, and reliability. If your children are just beginning or still fairly young, start them off with an Outlaw 50. Those who are at least ten years old can try the Outlaw 110 with its larger engine and faster speeds. The Outlaw is perfect for young ATV enthusiasts since it is essentially a smaller version of the popular Polaris models for adults. You can also consider one of the Polaris Sportsman models for your young riders as this is a reliable brand you can trust to keep your children safe.

Yamaha Raptor

Like Polaris, Yamaha makes a range of ATVs in all sizes that let your children drive a smaller version of their future ATV. The new Raptor 90 is perfect for younger drivers with its 90cc engine. The chassis is nice and comfortable, and you still get basic mechanics, tires, and other features inspired by other Raptors. Picking this smaller ATV gives you the ability to transition your children to an adult-sized Raptor 700 when they are older and large enough. Take your children on an adventure they will never forget with an ATV.


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