Centurion Ri237 Review Jul 15, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Get ready to go wake surfing or wakeboarding with the help of the Centurion Ri237. Moderaly sized and with advanced engines and features, this popular towboat is an excellent demonstration of new features in a competitive and fast-paced industry.


Centurion Boats

If you are familiar with previous towboats from Centurion, you will notice that the Ri237 has a slightly different hull shape. This change helps elevate water right behind the vessel to make wake surfing more fun. The gunwales on the Ri237 are higher than ever before, something that allows this Centurion to deliver excellent ballast, storage, and passenger capacities. The raised sides also help ensure water doesn’t accidentally get inside your cockpit as you travel through the waves. The towboat also comes standard with the Centurion Articulating Tracking System; this system rotates the tracking fin slightly right to left to help deflect the bow and adjust the water contact. Centurion is keeping the competition on their toes, as this is the first time an articulating tracking fin was available on a towboat and it is already a standard feature.

Ballast Capacity

One of the best features about the Ri237 is its impressive ballast capacity. It comes with 300 pounds of ballast that will fill up in just 45 seconds thanks to the convenient RAMFILL. RAMFILL is an innovative system that floods the boat liner using submerged hatches. It relies on the forward motion of the boat to both scoop the water and release it when you are done. You can also add a plug-and-play bag right underneath the bow, perfectly positioned to add another 500 pounds worth of water weight. There are two more available 550-pound bags for the rear, as well, so get ready to carve walls of water for your friends and family.


Centurion Boats

When you get in the boat, you might appreciate the styling cues inherited from other famous Centurions. These include the stowage compartments under the raised bow area in a playpen style and a cooler right in the walk-through. The cockpit has a port side lounge with a bolster that lets you flip the seat to make it rear-facing when you’re relaxing on the water. Other passengers can sit in the three-stage slide seat, which also offers filler cushions that turn the cockpit into an additional playpen. While the padded seating is comfortable, it can be cramped with more than a few passengers and this boat is best when dedicated to watersports.


The Ri237’s Pleasurecraft Marine Engine H5DI is more than powerful enough to handle the boat’s weight. This engine generates 355 horsepower and utilizes C-Force, combining torque-optimizing propping, a 1.72:1 gear reduction, and licensed version of an efficient yet powerful GM Marine Direct Injection Engine. If you still want more, there are other engines available, including an H6DI engine with 465 horsepower or a supercharged XR7 with 550 horsepower. Combining speed, strength, and new standards in two boat design, the Centurion Ri237 is a premium option for anyone looking to dramatically improve their summer.


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