2016 MasterCraft XStar Review Jun 28, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

The 2016 MasterCraft XStar is among the most popular wakeboard boats and is known for its unparalleled performance. This watercraft is designed to create large wakes for wakeboarders and wakesurfers to perform entertaining jumps and tricks. The XStar is an upscale model that has incredible one-of-a-kind features you won’t find on any other wakeboard boat on the market.

Styling and Shape

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Just a quick look reveals that this boat stands out from the other models. The craft has an aggressive and contoured appearance. The hull has a kink in the middle along with a pronounced forked bow. The bold branding and stark colors will let everyone know what they are dealing with. Practically speaking, the beam of the vessel is 102 inches, and it is 24 feet long. The 63 cubic feet of storage space in the boat gives you plenty of room to store water, snacks, or wakeboarding gear with ease.

Wakeboarding Prowess

To make it perfect for wakeboarding, the XStar creates two types of wakes depending on how you drive it and the settings. No matter which engine you chose, you can carve a thick wake with a stable “ramp” featuring crisp lines for impressive jumps, or you can create some serious surf in the form of a powerful wake for more extreme rides. With the fold-down wakeboard tower, nonskid step/seat, and a swim platform with hard-rubber rail, you can keep surfing for a whole afternoon of fun on the water.



The interior of the XStar has been praised since it was first introduced in the summer of 2012 and you will be able to fit the whole family or a large party on the new model. The backseat is a convertible bench that lets you choose from three different positions, depending on your preference. It is easy to move the seat between these positions smoothly and in seconds. You can also convert the observer seat and the triple bucket seats in the bow face backward with a view in all directions. Overall, you will find room for fourteen people to sit down.


There are two engines available on the vessel. The standard option is a 6-liter that gives you 411 pound-feet of torque. The boat can go over 23 miles per hour, making it perfect for competitive wakeboarding. You can also opt for a 7.4-liter one with 524 pound-feet of torque. The boat will hold 74 gallons or 280 liters and can handle up to 1,852 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about either option weighing the vessel down.

Distinctive Dashboard


The dashboard is very different from what you expect, giving you even more features than the average wakeboard boat. There is a pop-up center display, which can be hidden when not in use, along with an extra screen on either side of the steering wheel. The center display is a full 7 inches wide, and the additional screens are 4.3 inches; this arrangement makes it easier to divide pertinent information into sections and identify what you need when you need it.


The MasterCraft XStar is a bit pricey, starting at $132,540. However, this is a good value considering all of its one-of-a-kind features, competition-ready engineering, and wakeboarding-optimized design. The boat is not only impressive to look at it is also impressive to drive and a great platform for an entire summer of watersports.


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