10 Personal Watercraft Under $11,000 May 13, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Yamaha VX Limited: $10,899

Yamaha Watercraft / Flickr

The Yamaha VX Limited is considered an entry-level luxury watercraft with great power and features without spending more than $11,000. This model comes with a lightweight NanoXcel hull that helps reduce the overall weight of the craft. At the same time, you can find storage for 93.2 liters (24.6 gallons) of items, perfect for a change of clothes. There is even a waterproof compartment underneath the seat so you can bring a camera or your phone without worrying about it getting wet. To help with ride quality while zooming across the lake or along the coast, it also has Cruise Assist, No Wake Mode, and the trigger-controlled RiDE deceleration system. Compared to other Yamaha VX models, the Limited keeps you more comfortable with its two-piece Cruiser Seat and added lumbar support. To make life easier, there are also four pull-up cleats, designed to help with docking or swinging fenders. It also has an Easy Connect tow hook, perfect for other water activities.

Sea-Doo GTI 130: $10,599


One of the things that set the Sea-Doo GTI 130 apart from the crowd is its unique on-water braking system. While most personal watercrafts will just stop the engine and eventually come to a stop, the exclusive braking system works to stop your watercraft. Using the water brakes, you can slow down around 160 feet before other models would do so, making it safer and more efficient. The GTI 130 from Sea-Doo has room to seat three passengers, and its weight limit is 600 pounds, enough for most full-grown adults. The front of the GTI 130 has 30.8 gallons of storage, great for smaller items, like snacks. This personal watercraft has a Rotax 1503 4-TEC engine with 1,494 cc displacement that gives you 130 horsepower. For those who are just learning to drive a personal watercraft, there is also an IControl Learning Key. This programmable system lets you set a performance limit for the GTI 130 based on a rider’s skill level so teens or beginners don’t have more power than they can handle.

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