10 Off-Road Campers for Your Next Wilderness Adventure Sep 19, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

Exploring the great outdoors is much better when you can escape the crowded campground and spend the night in true wilderness. While you can always spend a rough night in a tent or the back of your truck, the easiest way to enjoy an outdoors trip is an off-road camper. Off-road campers are perfect for fishing, hunting, and other activities. Here are ten of the best options.

Adak Outpost

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If you want lots of space in your off-road camper, consider this product from ADAK Adventure Trailers in St. Augustine, Florida. It has 116 square feet of room and is 17 feet long. This means you get lots of storage, including room for a small fridge and microwave. While it’s too large for serious rock crawling, it can handle light to medium trails with underbody protection, reinforced chassis, and decent ground clearance.

XP Camper

XP Campers craft expedition-quality pop-up campers that fit into the beds of pickup trucks. Unlike traditional versions that attach to the pickup bed, XP Campers have their own flatbed “truck tray” with extra storage space that is easier to install and to remove. There are multiple versions of this ingenious design, however, keep in mind that you do need a heavy-duty pickup.

Manley ORV Explore

Manley ORV

While it won’t provide a roof over your head, sometimes you just need additional storage capacity for your camping or hunting supplies. The Manley ORV Explorer is based on the military M416 trailer and is a utilitarian trailer that can be hauled anywhere and easily modified with additional features. The Explorer has a six-foot lockable tub, top rack, and pop-up tent. The 33-inch tires and steel frame can handle an abundance of obstacles.

High Camp Teardrop Trailer

This teardrop camper trailer is specialized enough to work well with off-roading. The camper is built in Portland, Oregon, for dedicated campers and wilderness enthusiasts. The traditional aluminum style is both tough and charming. It is well-made and comfortable inside with a quilt-top queen-size mattress and triple-burner range.

Global Expedition Vehicles

K. O Connor / Global Expedition Vehicles

You can find a range of options from Global Expedition Vehicles, GXV. They are large, luxurious, incredibly durable, and each is built in the United States. There are off-road camper vans and modified expedition vehicles with 4x4, 6x6, and even 8x8 models. The major downside is that they are extremely expensive, but this might be the best vehicle for your money if you want a go-anywhere expedition vehicle.

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