1955 Chevrolet Truck Review Apr 19, 2016 by Cedric (Driver Weekly)

When most people think of Chevy trucks, they picture the Silverado or Colorado. However, these modern models are the result of decades of automobile evolution and design. In 1955, Chevrolet started work on the Second Series (“Task Force”) trucks and pioneered a new classic in truck design and engineering. You can actually find 1955 Chevy trucks from the First Series or the Second Series, and these are fairly different models. Both wore the 3100 name, which appeared in 1946 on the series formerly known as the BK series. You could also get 3600 models, which had previously been known as BL-series, or new 1-ton models known as 3800s. The Second Series, however, brought a new sense of style and new specifications.

First Series vs. Second Series

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The First Series trucks from Chevy in 1955 were carryovers of the previous models, which had already been revised for 1954. That being said, these First Series models were still based on the old 1929 “cast-iron wonder” trucks. In comparison, if you find a Second Series 1955 Chevy, this model was brand-new when released. The list of firsts for these trucks was extensive, and they were all high quality. Just some of these were the new chassis, body, and V8 engine. The 1955 Chevy trucks in the Second Series were among the first vehicles in the Chevrolet lineup to offer the 265-cubic-inch V8 engine. At the same time, this engine was available on some passenger cars. The old 6-cylinder engine was still available as well, but the available V8 increased power and performance.

Truck Styling

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The First Series models from 1955 were very similar to previous years, but the Second Series models had a new wraparound windshield. This was known as the Sweep-Sight. These trucks also had an egg-crate grille styling that you could also find on Chevrolet passenger cars from the same year. There was more inspiration from the cars of the same year, as well, including the headlamp visors and the door surfaces and fender, which together provided a racy profile. Other unique aesthetic features were the running boards hiding behind the cab doors. You will notice that some of the 1955 Chevy trucks that collectors enjoy also have whitewall tires with full wheel covers. This was a common addition to the new sense of style for trucks in the 1950s that expanded on their utilitarian past. In the Second Series, Chevrolet emphasized style along with design and engineering.

Why Collectors Love Them

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Today, collectors love the 1955 Chevy trucks. They performed very well with either the 6-cylinder or V8 engine. They were also very stylish and had a good number of creature comforts, particularly for the time. From a collector’s standpoint, they are also much easier to find than some of the other models are, and there are a reasonable number of parts available, making them easy to restore. If you want something that no one else will have, then a 1955 Chevy truck may not be ideal. But if you’re looking for a classic, well-designed Chevrolet truck from the 1950s, look no further.



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