2017 Nissan LEAF Review Jun 27, 2017 by Jet (Driver Weekly)

The 2017 Nissan LEAF has plenty of features to make drivers happy, particularly if you want to save money at the pump. While it’s not as popular or as famous as the Toyota Prius or Tesla Model S, the LEAF is affordable, versatile, and useful. LEAF’s hatchback body style makes it highly versatile while the powertrain produces no emissions, and the interior has many features from other Nissan models. The result is a vehicle that has nearly everything you want, albeit with dated styling.

Getting to Know the Engine


As a completely electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF doesn’t use any gas or produce emissions—something that cannot be said of hybrids like the Toyota Prius. The powertrain also has fewer moving parts than a traditional engine, meaning that it doesn’t require as much maintenance. Factor in impressive aerodynamics and the LEAF can take you up to 107 miles on a single charge. The motor is also virtually silent for an incredibly quiet drive that will make those around you jealous. Any electric powertrain requires drivers to retrain some old driving habits, but the transition is worth the savings.

Practical Yet Comfortable Interior

Nissan USA

The 2017 LEAF proves that a practical EV with excellent efficiency doesn’t have to lack any creature comforts. There is room for five passengers, and the seats can even be wrapped in black leather with heating in the rear; front heated seats are already standard. You can rest your hands on a leather-wrapped and heated steering wheel. Get in and get moving right away with standard Push Button Start. Opt for the folding rear seats made using sustainable Bio Suede PET to maximize storage as well as comfort. Folding the rear seats flat gives you 30 cubic feet of space along with a cargo well to hide valuables. You can even fit three child seats in the second row of the LEAF, making this EV family friendly.

Technology to Help with Everything

Nissan USA

The technology in the LEAF does more than just provide entertainment and connectivity. The Display Drive Computer also shows you the relevant information related to your battery, including the power usage, the battery charge level, and your range. Even the available Nissan Navigation System is ready to help, showing you where nearby charging stations are and finding you the best route to get there in addition to letting you know if it is within range. These systems can eliminate range anxiety. Other technology includes SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant, a USB input with iPod connectivity, and Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System. Add the Around View Monitor to make backing up or parking even easier. You can also opt for the Energy Efficient Series Bose audio system for premium audio quality that doesn’t hurt the planet. The Nissan LEAF is an efficient and practical EV. 



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